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Letter and Name Tributes

Lettering and name tributes are a popular choice as main tributes from close family members and most commonly reflect the relationship to the loved one you have lost, but they can also spell out their name or a nickname.

Your choice of letters is arranged onto a frame so this style of tribute is best displayed alongside the casket rather than on the top.  We advise a maximum of 7 letters.

In terms of look, our three most popular styles are shown below with a brief description of finish.  Should you wish to discuss other looks for your lettering, please give us a call to chat through your ideas.  There is also a link to a gallery showcasing some of our more recent work.

Name Tributes: Text



This traditional design is created using double white Chrysanthemum, it has a pleated ribbon edge in a colour of your choice with small sprays of flowers which match the colour of your chosen ribbon edging.

Cut Flower


This loose design is created using cut flower and foliage.  We use a mix of seasonal flowers that are suitable for the design again in a colour of your choice.



This design is created in the same manner as the traditional design using double white Chrysanthemum and the sprays are created in a colour of your colour choice but it is finished with a foliage edge, such as ivy, instead of the ribbon.

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